Summer on Moonlight Bay by Hope Ramsay

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One of the best small town sweet romance authors around. I am forever happy to read anything from Hope Ramsay. She has this unique quality to bring a well rounded, yet complex story to life. It's always filled with fun side-characters and intricate mains. Noah and Lia are going down as one of my favorite couples. Heartbreaking yet heartwarming as well. 


Only one thing can make veterinarian Noah Cuthbert return to Magnolia Harbor-his mother's failing health. He'll do anything to help his family, including taking a short-term gig at the local animal clinic. What he doesn't count on is getting up-close-and-personal with the clinic's new manager, a woman whose love and compassion for every stray that crosses her path has him rethinking his plans to head back to his big-city life...

After her time in the Navy, Lia wants nothing more than to settle down. The quaint seaside town is just what she'd been hoping for, and not just because her new boss is movie-star handsome. As they grow closer, Lia starts wondering if Noah could be the one. But when a town crisis forces Noah to take a stand that jeopardizes their new-found happiness, can Lia convince him that home doesn't have to be a four-letter word?

Includes the bonus novel Then There Was You by Miranda Liasson!

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