Conversations with the Fat Girl by Liza Palmer

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Welcome the refurbished Conversations with a Fat Girl! Fabulous new cover, a note from the author, Liza Palmer, and a reader's guide––perfect for book clubs!

I can't tell you how happy this book came into my life. Thank you Forever Pub. I hate that I've just now discovered it, but I think that it's because this is the perfect time in my life to receive it.  It's so true that life changes people, attitudes, friendships, and relationships in general over time. We all change and evolve in many ways and directions. For whatever reason, this has found its way to me at the most perfect time in my life.

Conversations with a Fat girl is now filled with highlights, tear stains and the remnants of laughter. I can't sing its praises enough.

Everyone seems to be getting on with their lives except Maggie. At twenty-seven, she's still serving coffee at Joe's while her friends are getting married, having babies, and thriving in their careers. And now Olivia, Maggie's best friend since grade school, is getting married too. The man in Maggie's life? Well there isn't one, except the guy she has a crush on, Domenic, who works with her at the coffee shop. Oh, and her dog, Solo (the name says it all).

When Olivia comes to town and asks Maggie to be her maid of honor, Maggie is thrilled... but she can't help comparing herself to the new and "improved" Olivia. Way back then, they befriended each other because they both struggled with their weight. Now grown up, Maggie is still shopping in the "women's section" while Olivia went and had gastric-bypass surgery in search of the elusive size 2. But as the wedding nears, Olivia's seemingly perfect life starts to unravel, and Maggie realizes that happiness might not be tied to a number on the scale.

In this wonderful novel, Liza Palmer is both witty and wise, giving a voice to women everywhere who have ever wished they could stop obsessing... and start living.

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