Meet Cute by Helena Hunting

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Forever Publishing
Releases April 9th

I’m a sucker for a second chance romance. Especially when they have to work hard for it to happen. Kailyn and Daxton had the perfect movie “Meet Cute” running smack into each other. Daxton on top breathing heavy and looking down on a sprawling Kailyn, who’s disoriented and taken in by the man above her. Movie magic perfection if you ask me.

Sadly, things change and end in a not so pleasant way. Now, years later, Dax is back and asking for help. Can she do it?

I won't give spoilers, therefore this is it, book friends. Get it. Devour it. And discover the fun of Meet Cute. Indulge in the chemistry and banter of Daxton and Kailyn. It’s a perfect addition to any nightstand reading stack or beach bag.

5 Stars

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