Cold Comfort by Isobel Hart

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Hardy Somerville was Delilah Thomas’ first love. At eight years old, before she even knew what love was, she knew how it felt.
Then came music.
She’d thought at least music couldn’t hurt her. That was until it led her straight into the path of Cat Colton.
He promised he’d protect her, but how could he protect her from himself?

Book #1 of a 2 book series 
Book #2 - Cold Shoulder - coming Autum 2016
Cold Comfort is a New Adult romance with mature themes, intended for readers aged 18+

This new release by Isobel Hart is definitely very different from her previous books. This one is geared strongly to the New Adult crowd and for those who love spending time with overly possessive, out of control alpha males! And, you can't get more out of control and possessive than CAT... the lead singer of Cold Comfort.
This book centers around Delilah and her two first loves and all the drama and heartbreak that comes along with it. She has Hardy, the boy she met as a child who she always thought was destined to be her true love. And when she gets older she finds Cat, the lead singer of a band called Cold Comfort. This is a book where people are clearly defined by their social status, and when the two worlds collide things get a little bit ugly. Delilah seems to be always caught in the middle of both worlds, struggling to find where she belongs and learning not to trust. Trust leads to betrayal and broken hearts. She learns to guard herself. But, her musical talent is something that is hard to hide. It forces her out into the open world.
Delilah just can't seem to keep herself from falling in love with the wrong people at the wrong time. And, that is perhaps the point of the book. Because it did not end in the way I expected. But, after thinking about it for a couple of days I am proud of Delilah for being strong enough to put herself first. There is a right way and a wrong way to show love to someone. Sometimes you have to be brave enough to love yourself first.
I do have some favorite scenes in this book. I loved the beginning chapters and the time she spend with Hardy when they were kids. I felt through the entire book that this is who she truly belonged with despite the difficult circumstances surrounding them both. He was my favorite between the two love interests in the story. I really wanted more of her and Hardy. Still do!
I also loved the scenes where she was writing lyrics to her songs, and especially the one where she was writing with Cat, the lead singer of Cold Comfort. There was a very touching and beautiful moment between them where they were truly connected by their musical talent.
I loved Cat when he was calm and tender but began to really hate him as the story moved forward. He was too controlling, too aggressive and definitely overly possessive. He could not be trusted. I actually didn't care for anyone in the band at all. They treated women badly, they treated themselves badly and were a reckless and toxic bunch.
The only saving grace for Delilah was her best friend Eddy. He was probably the only man in her life that was ever truly on her side. He always took such good care of her and was a true friend. True friendship was something she was indeed lacking.
This was a very engaging story and had me quickly turning the pages. And, it did leave me with a lot of unanswered questions. But the author says that Delilah's story is not yet finished so yes, there will be a second book. So... that's good news! I do want to see some sort of resolution for these characters.
This is a book that I would recommend for fans of New Adult Romance. But, if you love books that focus on older more mature characters I would recommend some of this author's earlier releases. I've loved everything she has written so far, but I tend to be more of a fan of books that center around mature, older characters so just throwing that out there in case you are the same.
This book does contain explicit sex scenes including public and group sex. There is also some cheating and plenty of girls behaving badly. So, if that's not your thing then proceed with caution.

Many thanks to the author for the ARC copy!

4 stars

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