Surrender (The Morgan Jane Winters Murder Mystery Series) by Jill Collins

In the tradition ofbest-selling psychological thrillers, Surrender is a smart and captivatingly fast- paced novel that will leave you guessing 'whodunit', until the very end.

Psychiatrist Morgan Winters moved back south to her beloved hometown of New Orleans to help those in need of mental and emotional care. Never in Morgan's wildest dreams could she have imagined that helping those in need would lead to being asked to aid in solving crimes with the New Orleans Police Department, but it did.

When Commander Jackson Slade, Head of Special Investigations, calls on Morgan to lend a hand in solving the brutal murders of four people, the darkest and deadliest of secrets within the political elite of New Orleans become unearthed.

As they sift through what seems to be a massive cover up, they are led down a complex and dangerously lurid path of deception, intrigue, passion and murder.


Psychiatrist Morgan Winters is on the job. Brought in to try and help her local police department solve a murder case, she is determined to get the job done. Twists and turns along with her own practice and personal issues make Surrender a great addition to the suspense world.

There is also a religious/spiritual thread that runs through this read. Morgan has to come to terms with her past as well as recent personal decisions making her take ownership of her own moral code and expectations, all the while trying to navigate the maze of suspects in this New Orleans murder case.

The plot is a good one. I was guessing right up until the very end. There are so many twists and unexpected turns to navigate.

My only negative is that I wish there was more: more inner dialogue, more in-depth emotion, and a more fleshed out backstory to the captivating Morgan Winters. I feel as if author Jill Collins is on to something here with her Morgan Jane Winter series, and I’m hoping for the next installment to be a beefier, more emotionally raw read. She has all the components and I am excited to see where she goes from here.

All in all, a solid 4 star read!

Jill Collins, a native of New Orleans, has just written and released a groundbreaking novel, titled 'Surrender'. It's book one of a series, 'The Morgan Jane Winters Murder Mystery Series'. It's in the tradition of best-selling psychological thrillers, but with a twist. Nestled in the beauty, charm, and dysfunction of New Orleans, 'Surrender' is a compelling look at the complexities of human nature, life, loss, and the universal desire most of us have to escape pain. It's been reviewed as a smart, captivating and fast-paced novel that will leave you guessing 'whodunit', until the very end. The book as well as the series has been dubbed as murder mysteries with a message.

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