Ruby's Song by Sawyer Belle

Marlena Beauregard abandoned her life in the west to pursue her dream of studying beneath the great Opera Queen. Only that dream becomes a nightmare she can’t escape, and she is forced to take matters into her own hands. When she comes face-to-face with the man who stole her heart as a youth in Virginia City, she is torn between the world she left behind and the future she had planned, knowing that whichever one she chooses, a loved one will be sacrificed.

Dalton Cunningham is known as a ruthless hired gun on the eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. He is fierce, deadly and protective of those he loves. The son of a Madam and raised among brothels, he has no illusions about his place in the world. But when an unexpected voyage lands him in the thick of Boston society and he is bewitched by a beautiful aristocratic songstress, his heart is set, and he will not be denied. Yet his love has put her life in danger.

From the ornate mansions of Boston to the wild, windblown slopes of the Sierras, they must fight to overcome the boundaries of propriety, peril and pride.

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5++ stars...  :)))

My love affair with these characters all began with Silver Nights With You... and then, it continued with the second book Desert Sunrise. Needless to say, I was waiting to dive into book three with great anticipation AND the author not only did not disappoint me, she blew me away. I just can't recommend this trilogy of books more to the lover of Western Romance. Wonderful characters and a heartfelt storyline that is laced with humor, romance, suspense and even a few tears.
Each of these books can be read as a stand alone but, I think the reason why the third book touched me so much was because I had grown to love Marlena aka Ruby, Dalton and all of the other characters in the previous books. This made their story so much more engaging. So, I do recommend starting from book one because they are all equally as good and it will help you understand the emotions of the characters and how they ended up where they are now.
This last book of the series is just something special. The way the author built this story around the Ruby... the symbolism behind it all was very touching. The way she tied Shakespeare into the story in such a way that offered not only a touch of romance but also added an edge of suspense was very clever and such a nice way to enhance and enrich the plot. I also loved how the plot was so cleverly tied together with the title. Ruby's Song... yes, indeed... she did sing her song beautifully. And there was one point in the book towards the end when she was singing to an audience with a few little helpers that just had tears rolling down my cheeks. Oh man, I love it when that happens, when an author can so successfully bring on tears of happiness and joy and put a big smile on my face!
This is a book that weighs heavily on the concept that love has no barriers. It doesn't care about age or where you fall in the hierarchy of social class. And, sometimes the heart just wants what it wants even when it's under impossible odds. But, love also makes the impossible possible if we just let our hearts guide us. There are times in life when we set out on a particular journey only to find that it's not where we belong. And, that is very much how I felt about both Marlena aka Ruby and Dalton. They were both on very different paths but once they followed their hearts desire they ended up exactly where they belonged. It was quite the journey for them to get there, but worth the trouble!
This author is so very talented. There is just something appealing about her voice and writing style. As I mentioned in an earlier review, I used to sit and watch the old western romances with my mom when I was young. Reading these books took me back to those days. Felt like I was sitting on the couch again with my mom eating a bowl of popcorn. Perhaps that is why I enjoyed this series so much. 

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