The Solsti Prophecy Boxed Set by Sharon Kay!

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4 full length novels!

1 exclusive short story: Don't Count Your Demons
*The short story will ONLY be available in this box set! *
About the Solsti Prophecy:
Family. Sacrifice. Desire. Destiny.

Lethal, jaded, and efficient, four Watcher warriors encounter four sisters who walk straight out of a myth and into their hearts. The Solsti, supposedly legendary females who each control an element, are very much alive.
Quickly immersed in kidnappings, killings, and vengeance—not to mention soul-binding sex—each couple’s path brings them to locations and emotions far beyond anything they could have imagined. With their lives on the line, each sister learns to trust her ability as well as the male who has captured her heart.  
Within each Watcher a fierce need is awakened: to protect what belongs to him. To protect the sexy mates they never anticipated they’d find and now cannot live without. The sisters complete their warriors’ battle-hardened lives in ways both unforeseen and completely perfect, and together they rain hellfire to annihilate their tenacious enemies.

Solsti and Watchers. Together they are invincible.

Four novels of danger and white hot passion complete the Solsti Prophecy series.
Series Review by "K"
4.5 stars for the complete series!
This is one of those series that starts off with a trickle and ends with a bang!  Each book in this series just got better and better as these four gifted sisters slowly evolve into the powerful beings they were destined to become.  Watching them finally coming together to fulfill their purpose by the end was everything I hoped it would be and more.  They had traveled a long journey together, each finding their destined mates but always held strong together and unified as sisters.   This series is sexy, engaging and suspenseful with a cast of characters that not only entertain, but also has you rooting for their HEA.  If you love Paranormal Romance, you can't go wrong with this set.  It ticks all of the boxes that we've come to expect from good PNR. 
To read my full reviews of each of the books in the series, click on the book links above.  This is one of my favorite series and one I would highly recommend! 


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