J.R. Ward The King ~ TEASERS!!!

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Wrath cleared his throat and leaned in. “What . . . what is she
“White. Calf-length. Loose. She’s escorted by her brother and carrying a pink rose that Rhage took from the bouquet in the center of the table.” There was a pause. “Her eyes are right on you, and that smile of hers? Million bucks, my friend. Million f**king bucks.”
-The King, pg. 418

With a quick shift, Wrath pulled Beth against him, holding her to his naked body. She was a tall female, but even so she barely came up to his pecs, and as he closed his eyes, he curled himself around her.
“I want you to know something,” he said into her hair.
As she went still, he tried to pull something worth hearing out of
his ass. Some string of words that were even in the same zip code as what was doing in his chest.
“What,” she whispered.
“You are everything to me.”
-The King, pg. 24

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