Forever with You by Laurelin Paige

You know the song “Whatcha Say” by Jason Derulo? In the lyrics it states: “When the roof caved in and the truth came out I just didn’t know what to do”. Yeah that says a lot about our Hudson. He gots some splannin to do (said in my best Desy impersonation)

Forever with You is the third and final book in the Fixed Trilogy and what an ending guys. The crazy was in full affect and Alayna learns she’s not the only one in need of therapy. Whereas book two was a bit predictable this one had me guessing till the very end. So many players and maniacal schemes going on you just suspected so many people.

Hudson and Alayna sizzle as always and their brand of crazy for whatever reason is addicting to the reader. I myself pretty much read this one in one sitting. The ending was perfection and I CANNOT WAIT for Gwen’s book! I have a feeling it’s gonna be GOOOOOOOOD.

4 Stars

Alayna Withers relationship with Hudson Pierce has tested both her and his ability to trust. They decide that the only way they can move forward together is with open doors and transparency. It won’t be easy for the scarred lovers, but they’re committed to each other more now than ever. Alayna, in particular, has grown through their trials, and has emerged more confident and faithful to the man she loves.

But while the pair is focused on the future, their past shows up again to threaten their fragile bond. Promises that were made are broken, and Alayna learns that Hudson still has very potent secrets—secrets that will tear them both apart. As much as she feels for him, her ability to forgive and forget is tested beyond her limits.

Even though she found the only man who could fix her, a forever with Hudson seems more and more out of reach.

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