Wild Hyacinthe by Nola Sarina

Talk about jumping back into the PNR world with a splash! This was just what I needed. 

We met Asher on page one as he sucks the life right out of a woman. Then sit back and watch as he adds her to his tattooed list of victims.  He has this down to a science. With the help of his twin sister, no one will ever be the wiser as to what really killed her.

Born an incubus and having killed for the first time at age sixteen, Asher is now a man coming to grips with the fact he will never be able to have what most people have: love and a relationship that will last after sex, but when he meets Aria he decides that he needs to try.

Aria, homeless and living in her car, just wants a night to forget all her troubles. When she makes eye contact with one of the area’s most popular eligible bachelors, she flees - only he follows, making Aria feel something she has never felt with anyone before. Her romance books didn’t prepare her for this.

What happens next is a cat and mouse game of Asher trying to survive while not killing Aria and Aria feeling like she will die if she doesn’t have Asher, prompting her to act in ways she hadn’t before. Oh, and did I mention she’s a virgin? Yeah.

I really liked these two and the story, however I did feel like I wanted more back story. I wanted to know why the twins were never told of their incubus probabilities. I also wanted more info on Asher’s twin as well; she was very intriguing.

Wild Hyacinthe made for a nice afternoon read and if there are more books, I’ll continue with the series :)


*Given by the author via Goodreads group R2R

A deadly lover. His perfect mate. Asher is everything Aria's never dared to imagine: sexy, confident, and rich. But if she convinces him to take her to his bed... her first time may be her last.

Incubus Asher Chain seduces every woman he meets whether he wants to or not, and refuses to let anyone grow close to him. Until the alluring, tattooed waitress Aria Hyacinthe admits she’s been living in her car. Enthralled by her unusual beauty—and terrified he’ll succumb to his deadly, incubus needs—Asher offers her a place to stay.

Living in Asher's loft above his gym, Aria's desire for his body is growing more urgent with every touch. Used to being the backward, shy one, in his presence she becomes fierce, captivating, and breaks down Asher’s walls against all his attempts to keep his distance. She has no clue that if he gives in to her passionate pleas, she won't survive the night, just like all the other women who have fallen victim to his charms.

But the deeper Asher and Aria fall in love, the harder he must fight the incubus in his soul, demanding her life.

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