Night Owl by M. Pierce


1 star *
I DNF'd this book a few days ago but decided to give it a second chance because so many others seem to like it and thought maybe I just wasn't in the right mood at the time. I completely regret picking this back up and wish I had gone with my original instinct to walk away. I was originally put off by the whole bunny walking thing... not cool... but, now that I've read more it makes sense because this guy is a complete and total loser.
There is a fine line between being a dominant and being an abuser... Matt is an abuser. He gets off on humiliating her and hurting her and calling her a slut. He's a complete jerk and I can't think of a single quality about him that is even remotely appealing. The phrase "creepy pervert" comes to mind. It doesn't even matter to me that she seems to be okay with it... (which I didn't get) he goes way too far over the line of what I consider safe and consensual. I like BDSM in which the goal is purely pleasure and NOT pleasure through pain and debasement.
Now, I'm okay with the whole slut calling thing in the heat of passion... it happens and lots of people get off on that. But, the way Matt was doing it was just offensive and vulgar. Not to mention that he's doing all of this while his live in girlfriend is away.
I found none of the sex scenes even remotely erotic... they just angered me, confused me and they were clearly written for shock value only without any thought put into the development of these characters. Cheap porn really...
I know I am in the minority here because I do see the five star reviews scrolling by... but, I do think it's important to let people know what kind of sex they're getting when they buy erotica. Even though many people clearly like what is going on in this book... an equal number ,like myself, will be offended. So, I do advise that you read the reviews thoroughly in advance if you are not sure if this is something you might want to consider reading. I didn't but I wish I had...
This is mostly phone sex, dirty and offensive porn talk, web-cam sex and very badly written BDSM. Not only would I not recommend this to anyone... I returned mine for a refund! 



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