His for Christmas by Jennifer Haymore


3 stars***
I really loved book one of the House of Trent series... The Duchess Hunt and I'm looking forward to book two which is coming soon called The Rogue's Proposal.
This Novella did not hold the same appeal to me as the The Duchess Hunt but it was short, sweet and sexy. Evan and Amelia come together as a result of a snowstorm and they find a way to keep each other warm! (wink wink) They had known and liked each other when they were younger but due to an unfortunate misunderstanding never came together. It didn't take long for them to re-discover their buried feelings of attraction. This novella is heavy on the erotica and light on story... So, if you are looking for a little bit of erotica to fill up a couple of hours and you are a fan of this series then this is sure to please.
At the end of the novella there are excerpts to both the Duchess Hunt and Rogue's Proposal... and, yep I will be picking up book two of this series as soon as it comes out.
I'm not a fan of the cover... it's too modern looking... it seems like it needs a cover that better reflects the time period. Or, maybe I'm just too picky. Anyways, despite the cover... I do recommend this series for fans of historical romance.

ARC provided by FOREVER publishing in exchange for a review.

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