An Incurable Insanity by Simi K. Rao


Shaan is a recent 27 year old aerospace masters grad, who lands the perfect job in a leading aeronautics and space exploration company in Los Angeles. At the urging of his parents' he goes down the traditional arranged marriage route, leaving behind a lover and a complicated relationship in Los Angeles. As a result, Shaan and Ruhi's marriage has an awkward and uncomfortable start. The begrudging spouses make a pact: Ruhi will stay with Shaan in the United States only long enough to avoid embarrassment from their family and peers. Ruhi, remaining optimistic thinks that she can use this time to try and win Shaan's heart, but to no avail. Follow Ruhi and Shaan on a roller coaster ride as they attempt to be “friends without benefits” and expose their true selves to each other in search of love and happiness.
While An Incurable Insanity provides fascinating glimpses into traditional Indian culture, it is an intriguing love story with universal appeal.
About the Author
Simi K. Rao

Simi K. Rao was born in India and has been living in the United States for several years. The inspiration for An Incurable Insanity came from what she has seen transpire among and within the immigrant community. Some of the experiences included are her own; some have been garnered from friends and casual conversations with acquaintances.

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"Here... lunch." She pushed a box towards him.
"I don't want it."
"I feel awkward."
"But you never felt that way before, so why now?" You took me for granted. She stared reproachfully at him.
"It's different now." My perspective has changed. I behaved like a slave master, it's humiliating. He stared right back.
She pretended to appear disinterested, "you can eat it, give it to your friends or throw it away. This is all I can do to pay you back right now."
"You don't have to worry about paying me back. It's the least that I can do to make up for what I've put you through."
Her chair knocked sharply against the wall, as she jumped to her feet. "What? You think that's compensation enough? Nothing you do will give me back what I've lost! Yes, I agreed to marry you because I was blind and innocent! But who gave you the right to destroy my life, especially since you were having an affair and there was no hope for us? You treated me as if I was a disposable object! Why? Tell me why?"
"Yes I know I'm the worst kind of cad! But my hands were tied! My grandfather was on his death bed, I had no choice!" He snapped back gripping the counter till his knuckles turned white.
Walking up to him, she said softly, "Yes you had  a choice. You could have walked away. You could have been a man."

K's Review
Love, a temporary insanity curable by marriage ~ Ambrose Bierce
This tale is an attempt to prove the reverse... or at least give it a chance.

That was how this book began and it was an incurable insanity indeed! These two had a very interesting beginning to their relationship. Brought together by an arranged marriage that Shaan had no intention of honoring but Ruhi had no intention of giving up! Shaan got a lot more than he bargained for when after his declaration of not consummating their marriage she eventually decided they would be "Friends without Benefits" as they wait for the right moment to end the marriage. During their time in LA Shaan slowly begins to realize that perhaps being married to her isn't such a bad idea at all. I liked his character and his slow realization of the things that are most important.
This is an easy to read romance that gives an opportunity to explore a little of the culture of India and a glimpse inside the idea of arranged marriages. I love an opportunity to step out of the box of the typical romances and try something a little different. This one definitely fit the bill. It's low on the steamy factor but high on tension!
I can't say that I always cared for Ruhi... but, she was very frustrated with Shaan. Who wouldn't be?? I loved her for pointing out to him that he should've been a man and been honest about his intentions instead of putting up a false front. That was a good one Ruhi! He didn't have much to say for himself when she pointed that out.
I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a romance that is mostly story focused and wants something different than the norm. I thought it was an enjoyable story.

My favorite line...
"I confessed that though my wife has driven me incurably insane, I just can’t imagine surviving without her. She’s my dream, my fantasy, my unrealized desire.”

Awwwwwwww.... that's nice... :)

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