Play by Play Series by Jaci Burton Mini Reviews

The Perfect play Book 1

The Perfect Play (Play by P...I simply love the Play by Play series. They are fun sexy reads that I call candy books. Nothing earth shattering just delicious fun! Our boy gets his mind blown by a single mom who for once decided to have a little fun. Hot sex and steamy glances will have you fanning yourself. Will he prove himself worthy of a mom who makes her kid the priority? You'll have to see! Total candy, totally worth the calories!

Changing the Game Book 2

Changing The Game (Play By ...One of my favorites in the series. Liz is a man not that kind. She gets what she wants in business. Well, she did for awhile and now she is struggling to stay on top.Liz doesn't want to lose her best guy. The one she really wants is one she will never have. Or so she thinks. Gavin.... *swoon* What a game they play. Hot and sexy must read!

Taking A Shot Book 3

Taking a Shot (Play by Play...A little ice for that cocktail bartender? LOL! Jenna, daughter to sports bar owners, has seen enough hotshot over done athletes to last her a lifetime.Ty saunters right in and blows her away. Like any good alpha male he takes charge and changers her mind. He shows her that she is more than her parents dreams..... she can be her own dreams. ((love))

Playing to Win Book 4

Playing to Win (Play by Pla...OK so this one had me from the get go. I love a good switch-a-roo when it comes to misunderstanding. The hottie at the party, Cole just knew he was gonna grab, turns out to be on a job to "fix" him. For PR sake anyway. She is hired to clean up his bad boy image. Cole, our poor misunderstood Cole. Yeah right wise up buddy you cant be that daft! I love Savannah, she lets nothing slide and when these two finally get together it is amazing. Lots on tension and sexiness!

Thrown by a Curve Book 5 

Thrown by a Curve (Play by ...Well I finished this one late last night and I am not sure if it was because I was tired or what but, I just wasn’t as taken with this one. I have read all the other Play by Play books in this series and have had this one pre-ordered since it was available to order. So in other words YES I have been excited to read this one. Now let me just say Alicia and Garrett are a sweet couple. Very believable and well suited. It’s just something didn’t click for me. It was almost too nice, too sweet. Don’t get me wrong not every story has to be angst ridden and filled with drama. But this one left me just…..meh. Sure the sex was good, Burton writes good sex however the story just didn’t grab and hold me.

I did very much enjoyed meeting Garrett’s group of friends and can’t wait for the next installment.

Coming Soon........ One Sweet Ride...... June 4, 2013

One Sweet Ride (Play by Play, #6)


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