Forgotten Sins by Rebecca Zanetti

RELEASE DAY TODAY 7/2/2013 for the eBOOK...  Loved this one! 

                                                Forgotten Sins (Sins Brothers, #1)
5 action filled stars*****

"I love you, Angel." The words were soft. The tone possessive. The promise absolute.

Wow... this book captivated my interest from the first page all the way to the end. Shane and Josie fit so perfectly together. Shane... an engineered soldier who longs for something soft and gentle. And, Josie... raised in foster care and always longing for the love and safety of a family of her own. They both filled needs for the other that no one else could. It wasn't without problems however, and not without a few bumps and bruises both physically and emotionally. Shane never expected to fall in love. And, he learned the hard way that real love cannot be engineered or predicted or even controlled. It takes on a life of its own.
This is an action filled story about a group of brothers who were engineered to be ultimate soldiers. The bond that they share together was an unexpected complication to those who created them and they perhaps got more than they bargained for... the brothers will do whatever they can to be free and to get revenge. Betraying these brothers was a big mistake on the part of their creators.
Josie has to be one of my favorite female characters in a long time. When people look at her they see a small, fragile woman who needs to be protected. But, she's not that at all. She's strong, courageous and hits life head on. There is one scene in the book that had me grinning from ear to ear. I don't want to point it out specifically because it would reveal too big of a spoiler. But, I'll just say this... it was the moment that Shane realized that his little angel had no trouble at all "taking her man" and that he wasn't the only one able to take control! You go girl... haha!
Creating a possessive alpha male character that is likable is not an easy task and it isn't very often that I'm able to like too many of these type characters. But, every now and then I find an author that gets it right... Shane is all male, all soldier and he will protect his woman! Gotta' love a man that loves his woman that much. He's not a jerk... he's a soldier and a protector of those in his life he values... his brothers included. I thoroughly enjoyed the relationship and bond between these brothers.
This story has a little of it all... action, romance, mystery and great characters that leave you wanting more by the end. Yep, I'm a fan and can't wait for the next book in the series.

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