*Call Of the Wilder by Kris Fletcher

There have been very few books that while reading them I can see the movie playing out. I gotta say I can definitely see this book up on the big screen. Such a rich cast of characters is this story of crazy fierce amazing women.  

Call Of the Wilder is about Gem Wilder who is a second grade teacher with a great guy and a wonderful life until he asks her to marry him. Her past come bubbling up and the female legacy of her family’s inability to commit threaten to send Gem in a downward spiral.

From the cover…..

Gemini Wilder always knew that marriage wasn’t for her. She’s a Wilder and Wilders don’t do marriage. They do adultery, pornography, and identical twins, but not “’til death do us part.” So when Randy, her sweet, loving, and perfect boyfriend, proposes, Gemini does what any good Wilder would do: she runs.

Straight to Vegas, home of family secrets and persistent ex-husbands. In the city where illusion is king and there’s a spotlight for everyone, Gemini faces a temptation buffet. But a seductive ex and the rebirth of her former wild-child self are nothing next to the siren song of the musical dreams she thought she had locked down forever.

When her internal soundtrack pushes her to put her peaceful life—and Randy—to the test, it’s time for the real Gemini to stand up. But is she strong enough to resist the call of the Wilder?

I loved this book. Written from Gem’s POV we seen into her thoughts of self doubt and confusion. With her crazy aunts and their own ill-conceived notions of commitment Gem really has to work out these emotions on her own.

Crazy Aunt/cousin Ellie will make you want to slap her. And I must say I would love a book about her.

The Aunts Dorcas and Blythe are crazy cool.

Her mother Cyn and her two dads are all their own.

Randy and Patrick… both swoon worthy.

It’s more than a romance. It’s a story of family and loving who we really are no matter what.

 4.5 stars!


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