The Golden Dynasty by Kristen Ashley

                                                      The Golden Dynasty (Fantasyland, #2)

Do you like the Dani storyline in the Game of Thrones series??  Well, this is a story that reminded me of that one.  Circe gets transported to another dimension and is plunked into a Barbarian culture.  To her surprise she finds out she is about to be Hunted in a barbaric wife hunt.  It is necessary to warn that there is rape in the beginning of this book.  It is part of the wife hunt and how they claim their wives.  It is disturbing but I felt it was appropriately written and was necessary to help us understand the barbaric culture she was thrown into.  There are also instances of sexual abuse and physical abuse against women in various scenes but also written in a way that added to the story and they are not overly prevalent.  But, if you are sensitive to such topics please be aware. 
This is one of my favorite Kristen Ashley books.  It is part of a trilogy...  and even though I didn't care for the other two books this one definitely stands out.  You don't need to read the other two books to enjoy this one.  It works just as well as a stand alone.  It was definitely one of those can't put it down till' I'm done kind of books.  Well developed story, great characters and ended really, really well.  Highly recommend....  :)



I totally agree with the Game of thrones similarity K! This is also my favorite of the series. There was something about it that made me want to read this over and over. Kristen Ashley has that ability. I felt the same way about Creed. Something just stuck with me after reading it. A drive not to leave her world. It is a rough world but I feel it was done in a way to support and understand the story and not in an exploitative way. (Kinda like what Game of Thrones did in my opinion) Don't get me wrong it is it's own story. In no way a rip off. I loved it what more can I say.

* Sigh* now ya got me thinking of my Moon and Stars  ((giggle))

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