Stolen by Kelley Armstrong (book two)

                                                                Stolen by Kelley Armstrong

So... this is book two in the Women of the Otherworld series. I found it very difficult to decide how to rate this book primarily because there were things I really liked about the book and then a few disapointments as well. I felt like there was something missing and after some thought I think the problem for me was that the entire book is written from the perspective of the heroine. Because of this I got a little tired of her constant internal dialogue. I would've liked to have spent some time in the minds and places of some of the other characters in the book that I also really liked. Because about 70% of the book is her locked away in the creepy supernatural prison we don't get much time with the rest of the pack which I found very dissapointing. It was her relationships with the pack members that I found most enjoyable in book one. However, we did get introduced to some very cool additions to this supernatural world. I was particularly fond of the half-demons. We also get to meet Paige who will be the focus of Armstrong's next book. She is set to become the new leader of the witch coven. One of my personal pet peeves is when an author takes the time to create very cool and interesting characters and just when you get to know them they get killed. I really hate that... at least let us spend a little time with the characters before you snuff them out. This happened several times. There was plenty of death, dismemberment and creepy moments in this book and by the end there were bodies everywhere and some to spare! The romance definitely takes a back seat and I have to say that I wasn't particularly fond of the circumstances around the sex scenes. They seemed ill timed and I was thinking... not romantic.
As a whole I did read the book in one sitting and I liked it for the well developed villain who was easy to hate and very creepy. The humans in the story who were heavy on the "crazy" side and people you would not want to have over for dinner. And, for the introduction of some very cool characters that I would hope to see in future books. I was really only dissapointed that we got no further development with the relationship between Clay and Elena... just more same ole' same ole' and not much time with the pack. But, I will be pushing forward to book 3 which is titled "Dime Store Magic".
~ K

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