Soups and Stews Recipes Cookbook by Emily Brown

If you’re like me, struggling through the 2019 Polar vortex, the one thing you need is a few good soups and stew recipes. Soups and Stews Recipes Cookbook by Emily Brown has recipes that range from classics like mushroom, tomato, and rice, too more adventurous offering like trout, Ukrainian veg, and Turkish lentil. Brown has something for everyone. Whether you fancy a creamy soup, vegetarian, or a hearty stew you find something to make the tummy warm and the kitchen smell divine. My only negative is that I can’t get it in hardback for my cookbook shelf.

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Become healthier with more than 50 pure and nourishing soup recipes for feeling great!

Soup has been known as an effective way to warm up, nourish, heal the body, and comfort the soul. Soups and Stews book brings together balanced soup recipes to help you lose weight without losing nutrients, boost your immunity, heal your digestion and stay energized.

Soups and Stews cookbook offers:

Healing Meat-Broth Based Soups helping you stay energetic and healthy
Light Seafood Soups from simple recipes like Crab Noodle Soup to unexpected Fish and Milk Soup
Delicate Creamy Soups including blended soups for better digestion
Powerful Red Soups providing antioxidants which protect you from free radicals
Nutritive Vegetable Soups keeping you slim and satisfied
Cozy Stews keeping you warm and beating the chills
Each chapter of the book contains a list of soup recipes which are sorted by type and laid out in a easy-to-follow way. For your convenience, each recipe is followed by additional information about prep time, actual time of cooking, number of servings, volume and complete calorie and nutrition data.

In Soup and Stews author Emily Brown shows that soup and stews are easy, healthy meals which work for any occasion, and helps you find the best dinner solution.

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