Wicked Release (Wicked Exposure #3) by Katana Collins

A wickedly sexy, totally engrossing, and thrilling read! Hot sex and great leading men are becoming trademarks of Katana Collins’s writing. Fun, witty and filled with sarcastic banter, her books are an insta click for sure.

Jessica has decided that she will do anything to find her sisters’ killer/killers. Even if it means submerging herself in a world that she never expected to find herself in. Masters and subs play games Jessica just cant seem to get a handle on. Add in drugs and murder…. Well, you’ve got an erotic cocktail of mystery to solve.

There are multiple POV’s. I think I counted five? And without a notice of perspective change, it could be a bit confusing. I found myself re-reading at times just to make sure who was who. It’s such a good mystery that I didn’t want to miss anything. I mentally changed who I thought the killer was 3 times!!!

I am also excited to see a chance of more books, or at least a spin off in this series. I feel very much invested in some of these guys and want to know what happens next with them. (to say who could be considered a spoiler)

Can’t wait to see what comes next!

All in all a 4.5 STARS!

Give into the pleasure… As the investigation into her sister’s murder continues, forensic photographer Jessica remains committed to finding the killer and navigating her own complicated relationship with Sam, the local detective on the case. But when one of her photos reveals the identity of her sister’s boyfriend, a man previously only known as Master, Jessica finds herself drawn to his dominance. Going under cover as lovers to infiltrate a drug ring, Jessica can’t deny her fascination for this darkly mysterious man. To get to the truth she faces a choice: trust her instincts and stay true to her heart or give into her passion and enter a world of unknown danger

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