The Shadows by JR Ward ~ TEASERS ~

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 "Can I tell you something?"
She glanced up at him. "Of course. And I promise I won't throw any more lamps- well, not like there are any around at the moment, but still."
"You can throw anything you want." He stopped and turned her to face him, brushing her hair back. "You are the bravest person I know..."
-The Shadows, pg. 430

"Sometimes, the evil you fought wasn't anything you could hit or shoot or dismember. 
Sometimes you couldn't even hurt it.
And that was really f**king awful."
-The Shadows, pg. 315

"Young," she mumbled. "Young okay? Young?"
Instantly, Qhuinn's blue-and-green stare was right in front of her. "You're all right-"
As if she cared about herself right now. "Young...!"
-The Shadows, pg. 196

"We shall conclude this meeting the now."
"Why? I should like to see you. It is a simple enough request."
Not even close, he thought. "Why would you want to do that."
"I thought you wanted to have sex with me. That's the whole point of all this, isn't it."
-The Shadows, pg. 145

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150 West Fifth Street
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