Swept Away by Jennifer Haymore (Vol. 1-4)

Warning: Swept Away is a 4-part serial. This story is messy and twisted and very, very sexy. It is not for people under 18.
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He is everywhere. He surrounds me, wends his way under my skin. I can’t escape his strength, his intensity, his presence.

I’m trapped.

There’s nowhere to run.

Nowhere to hide.

But even if I could escape... would I be strong enough to leave?

I needed something — something big — to get myself out of the rut I’d fallen into after the car accident that killed my sister. This sailing trip was meant only to mark a new chapter in my life. Until Ethan Williams stepped on board.

Ethan radiated confidence. His darkly handsome good looks and ocean-blue eyes mesmerized me. But it was the way he looked at me that drew me in. He wasn’t looking at my past or at my scars, but the real me behind all that baggage I was trying so hard to leave behind.

But Ethan had secrets—dark, dangerous secrets. I was trapped in the middle of the ocean in a tangle of lies, sex, and violence. The problem was, I was happy to be trapped forever...if it meant I could have him. 

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Ethan Williams is the worst man for me. The dangerous choice. The choice most likely to hurt me. Ethan will never give me the long-term happiness I yearn for.

Of course I choose him. He’s the bigger risk. The man I know very little about. The man who’s almost guaranteed me that he’ll do nothing but hurt me. That’s the one I want.

What the hell is wrong with me?

I was falling in love with Ethan—even though he was going to walk away from me forever in less than three weeks. But I wasn’t going to think about that. I’d enjoy this time we had together on the open ocean, then, once we got to Hawaii, I’d let him go. No regrets.

But Ethan’s secrets were deeper and darker than I could have ever imagined. I’d put my trust into someone who gave me almost nothing of himself.

And if I wasn’t careful, his secrets could kill me.

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 It’s yet another bomb. The past week has been full of them, exploding when least suspected. This one, though…this one shatters me. Like all the other bombs have combined into one nuclear missile, and Ethan has just rammed it into my chest.

Survival was what should’ve been foremost on my mind. But Ethan’s lies consumed me instead. I trusted him, and the devastation of his betrayal cut so deep, I was surprised I wasn’t bleeding.


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The thrilling conclusion to the Swept Away series!

Ethan has dropped his final bomb, and I’m done. I’m finished. I can’t do this anymore.

I had no idea of the danger I was stepping into. That she was one step ahead of me at every turn. And that I was about to be in a desperate fight for my life.

3.5 Sexy, Mysterious and Suspenseful stars!****

I'm already a fan of this author so I was excited to dive into her newest series.   This is an intriguing and sexy I'm sitting on the edge of my seat story.  There is obviously much more going on than just a lovely boat trip to Hawaii... much more...
Tara is recovering from the physical and emotional trauma of losing her sister in a fatal accident. She survived the accident but her physical recovery has been difficult. She is determined to move forward and in an effort to claim back her courage she decides to take part in a sea voyage to help deliver a boat to Hawaii. On the boat she meets Ethan... an attractive, wealthy but very mysterious man that wakes up urges in her she hasn't felt since before her accident.
The author has set this story up in a way that leaves you wondering about the crew on board and who they really are and what their true intentions are for this trip. There is definitely something dark and sinister going on behind the scenes... maybe a smidgen of a love triangle??   Kyle, her best friend has feelings for her she wasn't expecting.  She finds herself feeling torn between her best friend and this man who has thoroughly captured her attention. 
Ethan is obviously attracted to Tara but he is going to great lengths to stay away from her. We get flashbacks to a girl he dated in the past which is making me wonder about this guy and his story... and it made me a little nervous for Tara.  
Part two is full of action and some shocking events...  the ending took me by surprise! The mystery  begins to unfold but there are still plenty of unanswered questions.  I had a few guesses as to the truth behind Ethan being on board and yes, they were pretty spot on.
Part 3 & 4 gives us lots of schmexy time, and Ethan pulled some seriously doucebag moves...  I did get a little frustrated with Tara's character for being so forgiving and continuously putting her trust where she shouldn't.  So, that left me leaning towards team Kyle in a BIG way.  I kind of thought he out shone Ethan in every way. 
Because we already knew who the villain was and we were also getting her POV... it did make the ending a bit predictable. Might've been more fun if we'd been kept in the dark on all the things she was thinking and planning. She was definitely scary crazy... the ex-girlfriend from hell crazy!   
This story reminds me of one of those afternoon Lifetime movies... where the story gets a little crazy and you are totally glued to the screen to see how far the crazy goes.
Overall, this was a pretty good story... I loved the first two installments more than the last two... everything was wrapped up nicely by the end.
Lots of steam in this series, lots of suspense... and I'd be curious to know if there are any other Team Kyle fans out there... yes, he needs his own story. 
I received Advanced Copies of all four installments from the author! 

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