Hunger's Mate (The Shadow Shifters #5) by A.C. Arthur

I received Hunger’s Mate via St. Martin’s Press as a four part series. I am reviewing the “part 1”. Intrigued from page one as Jewel is breaking into a safe and her fear is a physical thing on the page. I am instantly sucked into this world. Powers at play intrigue and mysteries are unfolding. Good stuff! Having said that, when we cut away to other character’s interaction and subplots I became confused. After some research, I learned this “sub series” called Hunger’s Mate, is part of a bigger series called The Shadow Shifters. OOOHHHHHH. That explains it. Do you hear the brakes screeching and then the light bulb go on? LOL! Joking aside, you do not have to have read the previous books in the series to enjoy this one; however I do feel it would help with the overall feel and understanding of this world.

Okay, back to the story at hand. The Shadow Shifter Ezra Preston feels a strong pull towards the mysterious Jewel. He doesn’t understand it and finds himself needing to protect her as well as have his way with her. Primal urges are taking over and his undercover mission may be put in jeopardy.

Hunger’s game part one is a sexy, intriguing kick off to a four part novel by A.C. Arthur and I am sure many PNR readers are going to love it.


*ARC provided by St. Martin’s Press via Netgalley
Coming Feb 3. 2015
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Half man, half animal, a Shadow Shifter must walk the line between predator and prey, hunger and obsession—to capture the woman he loves… A natural born hunter proud of his birthright, Ezra Preston agrees to hide his identity and pretend to be human—to learn what his enemies know of his kind. But even undercover, it’s not in his nature to play games with a woman. Especially when he discovers the beautiful creature has been keeping secrets of her own… This is no ordinary woman he’s stalking but an alluring and mysterious cat thief—with dangerous secrets of her own… Jewel Jenner has plotted and schemed for months, hiding her knowledge of a top-secret operation to save her ailing father. Captivated by her passion, skill, and courage, Ezra wants to help Jewel on her mission. But when he discovers how far she’s gone—sleeping with the enemy to steal a fortune in diamonds—he must decide if he can trust this enthralling woman with his secret…or trust his fiercest instincts when he’s near her.

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