Collide Into You by Kelly Washington

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A Romantic Body Swap Love Story


About the Book

Love, by its very definition, is disorder...

When twenty-seven-year-old Army Sergeant Keira Holtslander, an orderly and rule-loving intelligence analyst, is reassigned to the Pentagon for a special assignment, she agrees to room with her brother's best friend, Dillan Pope. But there's a problem. Several, in fact. He's sarcastic, egotistical, full of himself, extremely attractive, and a womanizer. Within a matter of days, her life is chaos. She didn't like him when they met nine years ago, and her opinion isn't likely to change now.

Love... crashes around you...

Dillan Pope, a thirty-year-old career businessman climbing his way up the corporate ladder, has learned to use his looks, charm, and sexual skills to his advantage. There isn't much he cannot accomplish. Women easily tumble into his bed and business deals come about effortlessly. But when his best friend's little sister moves in, he knows he's in trouble. She's rather hostile toward him, which takes him by surprise. Not even his patented smile works on her, but maybe that’s why Keira, aka Sergeant Prim and Proper, has always been the one girl he hasn’t been able to forget since their first meeting, nine years ago.

Love... blinds you...

When a meddling barista puts a charm on the roommates, causing them to swap bodies, they must live as the other until they both own up to some hard truths. They quickly learn that panic, fighting, and accusations will get them nowhere. Until they can learn the lessons they refuse to acknowledge, they experience life as the other. Along the way they are forced to concede that maybe the other isn’t so bad.

Love... heals you...

Maybe there's a reason they hated each other. And admitting the feelings that lay hidden may be the only way to undo the switch.

5 stars!*****

Yes, this is a scenario that has been done before... but, what could have been a very eye rolling and predictable storyline turned out to be something so much more. It was funny, heartfelt and had some interesting characters throughout.
Who will like this book? Fans of mature couples and slow moving, friends to lovers romances where sex isn't really the focus. And, those who like a little bit of M/M romance. There are two very likable M/M couples in this story. At the end of this book there is an excerpt for Justin and Aaron's story from a previous series by this author called Falling For You if you want to check it out.
This book is primarily about Keira and Dillan who find themselves coming together as room mates. Keira is an officer in the military and Dillan is a successful businessman. Keira likes her life to be in order and in control where Dillan is the live in the moment playboy. Even though they do not appear to be a match made in heaven, the sparks are there and the meddling coffee barrista decides these two could use a little nudge! Yes, she slips them a magical Cup 'o Joe and
they wake up in each others bodies. They are forced to get to know each other in the most intimate ways to learn how to break the spell and so they don't lose their jobs.
This is the part of the book that was so amusing... we all make assumptions about the opposite sex don't we? It's a whole different ballgame when we actually have to play that roll and the grass is not always greener on the other side!
I loved seeing both of these characters slowly break down their barriers and finally allowing the other person to see the real person underneath the fa├žade. By doing so they opened themselves up to something real for the first time in their lives.
Very enjoyable read and I'm looking forward to reading more by this author in the future...

Thanks so much to the author for the complimentary copy!