Hot as Hades by Cynthia Rayne + GIVEAWAY

Book two in the Four Horsemen MC series finds Cowboy sitting in a strip club looking at a girl who just doesn’t seem to fit in. He is undercover for his club, and finds himself caught off guard by this take-charge girl owning the stage. Okay, this was kinda funny, y'all. The stripper, Daisy, takes him to the “Champagne room” and drugs his ass. Too funny! Well, this begins our great little war of wills between Cowboy and Daisy.  

Daisy is an ex-marine looking for her missing sister. She is doing and will do anything and everything to find her and get her back, even if that's working the stage at a seedy strip club. The last thing she expected was to find help from an opposing MC. More than that, she is taken aback by what she feels towards the biker known as Cowboy.

Daisy and Cowboy have a chemistry that works for them. Both are emotionally repressed and confused. However, when it comes to the club, Cowboy has no doubt, and getting Daisy to understand the rules and pecking order of things is a challenge.

“You need to follow my lead today.”
‘You’ve met me, right?”

See what I mean? Funny, sexy marine don’t follow your orders alpha biker babe! LOL.

I really do love this series by Cynthia Rayne. However, it’s not perfect. It needs a good going-over by an editor. There are quite a few spelling errors that spell check misinterpreted and a few minor inconsistencies. But for whatever reason, I am drawn to the storytelling. I am excited by the thought of the other Horsemen getting their own books and the family the "old ladies" are forming. There is an endearing quality to it that keeps me wanting more.

Also the author very thoughtfully added a trigger warning. Always appreciated.
P.S. (whispers softly) I wish this had a better cover.

4 Stars

Cowboy is a former rodeo star and a member of the Four Horsemen MC. He spots Daisy Weston stripping in a club owned by the club’s rivals, the Raptors. They have taken her younger sister, Rose, and Daisy is determined to free her at any cost. With Cowboy acting as her bodyguard and guide to the outlaw world, she is getting closer to discovering Rose’s whereabouts, one lap dance at a time. Despite his better judgment, Cowboy finds himself falling for the pretty ex-marine and putting her in harm's way every night is becoming more and more difficult. Can they rescue Rose, before the Raptors discover they are really working for the Four Horsemen?

~Catch some wind with the bad boys of the Four Horsemen MC~
Cynthia Rayne, Author
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