Lethal Property (The Val & Kit Mystery Series) by Rosalind Burgess, Patricia Obermeier Neuman

In this fourth book of The Val & Kit Mystery Series (a stand-alone, like the first three), our ladies are back home in Downers Grove. Val is busy selling real estate, eager to take a potential buyer to visit the home of a widow living alone. He turns out not to be all that he claimed, and a string of grisly events follows, culminating in a perilous situation for Val. Her lifelong BFF Kit, however, is ready to do whatever necessary to ensure Val’s safety and clear her name of any wrongdoing. The dishy Detective Dennis Culotta also returns to help, and with the added assistance of Val’s boss, Tom Haskins, and a Downton Abbey–loving Rottweiler named Roscoe, the ladies become embroiled in a murder investigation extraordinaire. As always, we are introduced to a new cast of shady characters as we welcome back the old circle of friends.


My girls are back in action! It’s a hilarious ride when Val is implicated in a series of murders. We get a lot of the hotness that is Dennis Culotta this time around. Although I must say, he better step up his game. I am getting a little put out with his flip flop ways. Also, we get a good dose of Tom too. I said it before and I will say it again. I think Val and Tom need a drunkin night together. I get all dreamy just thinking about.

But the best part of Lethal Property? Val and Kit. Besties with attitude and killer comedy.
The banter and down to earth humor between these two is pure enjoyment on the page.

5 Bright and shiny stars for this writing duo!

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