His To Claim #1 by Opal Carew

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4 stars****
So, this is part one and only about 42 pages...  so, seeing that's it's only the beginning I'll keep this brief...  :)
I really like this couple so far and  I am definitely intrigued enough to continue on to part two to see where things go with this couple.
Rafe is a very likable guy... respectable, hard working and the apple of Melanie's eye.  Melanie is also quite a likable gal and has had an infatuation with Rafe (her boss) for a while.  So much so that she decided to quit her job and move on with her life instead of staying where she would be forever pining for a man she didn't feel she could ever have.  I'd say this was a smart move...  he noticed.  :)  They've known each other for a couple of years as friends... so... not a case of insta-lust or insta-love which is something I prefer.
A mature, respectable, rocker/businessman who also rides a Harley and has really cool tattoos...  hhhmmmm...  how can I resist that??? 
Here is the Release schedule for all of the novellas that will make up one story:
His To Claim:
No Strings:  June 3
Savage Kiss:  June 3
Rock Hard:  June 10
Wild Ones:  June 17
Breaking Storm:  June 24
To be released into a full book:  September 2014
ARC was provided by St. Martins Press! 
Rafe Ranier, a rock musician by night and head of a multi-million dollar family business during the day, never wanted to get involved with his secretary.  But when their combustable attraction ignites, they wind up in bed together—and Rafe’s solitary world is shaken to its core.

Melanie, a shy wallflower who’s harbored a secret crush on her boss for years, is torn. Her heart couldn’t stand it Rafe breaks it off, but that doesn’t mean she can’t indulge in an illicit affair with him…as long as he understands that falling in love is not on the table.But when Melanie agrees to go on tour with Rafe and his band, Savage Kiss, they both discover that passion can set fire to even the most carefully laid plans.

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