*Tempts Me by Megan Hart (Every Part of You #5)

3.5 stars for the entire series...  Pretty good story...  depending on what you love in erotica.
 I thought this last installment was very rushed and I was disappointed that we didn't get much intimate time with Simone and Elliott.    I would've liked more emphasis on them as a couple and his issues that he was having with his relationship with dad and Molly here at the end. I had no interest whatsoever in her ex-lover... he's a jerk. Out of all the dominants I've met in erotica... he's my least favorite.  A very self absorbed guy only interested in his own pleasure. His submissive was extremely annoying. I could have done without them entirely.  
If you like erotic stories that focus on pleasure through pain then this will float your boat. If you like strong, bossy females you will love Simone. I quite liked Simone and that's why I continued with the series. I liked that she was not a submissive even though I couldn't really understand her need for pain. I liked Elliott as well but felt like we just didn't get enough of his story. Like I said before... it felt rushed.

Each novella is $1.99... so, around $10 for the whole story when you're done. Is it worth the price? Well, I'll let you decide... :) At least they are all out now... so, no waiting in between installments.

Reading order:
#1 Tempts Me... 45 pages
#2 Resists Me... 57 pages
#3 Taunts Me... 45 pages
#4 Denies Me... 45 pages
#5 Takes Me... 45 pages
ARC provided by St. Martin's Press
Together, they were on fire. Apart, they’re miserable. Can Simone and Elliott find their way back to each other?

Bereft after Elliott leaves her, Simone is urged to find solace in a non-emotional connection with a stranger that leaves her body fulfilled but her heart still empty. When Elliott learns she’s been with someone else, jealousy prompts him to make a move on her, but passion is no longer enough. He needs to open up to Simone, who’s not sure she can accept even his sincerest apology. A final run-in with his father convinces Elliott he has to make amends with Simone, no matter what it takes.

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