The Billion Dollar Bachelor by Jackie Ashenden

Release day is February 11th!!
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5 stars*****

Just when I'm all prepared to be un-impressed by another billionaire/virgin lust story... somebody comes along and takes me by surprise. This is a novella... around 100 pages or so... and it doesn't end on a cliffy! A big thumbs up already. It was very engaging, amusing, well written and very steamy. And, I think I might have teared up a little at the end. (Shhhhhh... don't tell!) I really loved the whole Snow White and the Huntsman references... very fun.

"Oh, I'm not Prince Charming, baby. I'm the huntsman!." He had me at hello... :)

I don't think that the title suits the story, however... it should be titled... "Virgin gone wild"!! Seriously... Pandora acted a bit like how an animal might act after being cooped up inside a kennel for a while. You know, doing crazy stuff like chasing their own tails, jumping and running around with their tongues hanging out begging for attention. Especially when she finally had a chance to pluck the V card. But, you see Pandora is the daughter of a crime lord... kept locked away in a tower like a Princess. So, her behavior was understandable. And, I don't think Jax was complaining... too much... just surprised.
Jax is the son of an ex-crime lord... yep, a match made in heaven. He got a little more than he bargained for when he took this gorgeous, anonymous woman home with him for what he thought was a one night stand. Daddy crime lord wasn't too happy... insert chaos.
This is a good choice if you're looking for some reading to fill up a couple of hours that also doesn't leave you hanging. I really enjoyed it. This is the first of a series of novellas that will make up the Billionaire Club series. I like that they are all stand alones. I'll definitely pick up the next one.

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I One hundred percent agree with my buddy K here. This was an incredibly fun and sexy read! These two were strong, opinionated and feisty and that folks makes one hell of a book. If you know me at all you know my greatest love in romance books is witty banter. I mean hot sex is great, but give me a conversation with innuendo and snark any day of the week. Jax and Pandora (or should I say Hunt and Snow?) really are a great couple. I would love to see if this author does more with these two in the future. 

Give it a go guys. If you are looking for a fun read with a dash of mobster thrown in I think this is just the ticket. And NO, in case you  are wondering, it is NOT the typical virgin billionaire fare that is overdone right now. It's different and fun.

What are you waiting for? Go get it!


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  1. I've seen mixed reviews on this one but you have me convinced to give it a try. The covers for the series remind of the Dream Man Series by Kristen Ashley and it took me forever to read those and I loved them. I'll let you know what I think after I read it.

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