T's Review of Silken Promises by Lisa Bingham

Originally published in 1994, Silken Promises has been given a new cover and will be re-released in digital format on January 21st. What can I say - other than that when it comes to a historical romance, it is the terrific writing that makes it timeless.

I laughed and giggled all the way from the very beginning to the very end. Fiona and Jacob meet for the first time while he is naked and tied up and she is a young teenager who decided to leave him that way. What happens next is ten years of cat and mouse between these two. It’s ‘cat and mouse’ because he is a lawman and she is the daughter of a conman, who has been raised outside the law. It’s when Jacob needs a female partner to bring a man to justice that they meet again. What Jacob finds is not a gangly teenager, but a smart and crafty woman that can bring this lawman to his knees.

If you are looking to take a break from the NA/erotica world for a bit and just have a good old fashioned love/laugh in the old Wild West, Silken Promises is perfect.

4 Adorable stars for a timeless romance

In games that are as perilous as they are passionate, everyone plays for keeps.
When Fiona McFee first meets the straight-laced deputy Jacob Grey, he is naked and bound in a field of foxtails. A con man’s daughter through and through, Fiona leaves him there as he swears to never forget her. True to his word, Jacob tracks Fiona to Chicago years later, and he has an offer for her that she can’t refuse: A full pardon for her and her father in exchange for her help in catching a counterfeiter. All she must do is pose as a wealthy British widow and play poker on a tourist train heading West.
With her freedom at stake, as well as another chance to outwit Jacob, Fiona must perfect her poker face as she gambles for the fate of her future. But neither she, nor Jacob, can ignore the undeniable attraction between them, and as the stakes of their deadly game soar to new heights, the thin line between inevitable danger and unyielding desire begins to blur.
Now both Fiona and Jacob have more to lose than either of them bargained for— their hearts.
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