Secret Shared by L. Marie Adeline (Secret #2)

Release day is October 15th!!

5 stars*****
The steam factor definitely went up a notch in book two of the Secret series! I think I may have blushed a time or two. Or as they say in the south, "I think I just came down with a case of the vapaahs!" There are times that I can get pretty bored with sex scenes and quite often do skim them if there are too many or just the same 'ole, same 'ole. But, there was NO skimming in this book! The men chosen to play out the fantasies were deliciously sexy and several of them had me grinning from ear to ear. It was such a breathe of fresh air to finally pick up an erotica book in which there were no abusive, controlling, self absorbed alpha men. These men were all about pleasure and giving and they were very likable. Just my style!
Cassie finished her Secret journey in book one and in book two she is mentoring a new candidate named Dauphine. (interesting name) I knew we were in for something different when Dauphine just told the Secret committee that she wanted them to just "surprise" her when planning her fantasies. She is a control freak and thought it would be better if she relinquished control. And, that they did!
The book switches back and forth between Cassie's continuing journey of now trying to do relationships in the "real" world. And, to Dauphine as she completes each step in her Secret journey. I enjoyed Dauphine's character. She was unique and different with a taste for vintage fashion.
This series is all about women being able to explore their sexuality in a safe environment with no judgement and no shame. And, I don't think it would be too spoilery for me to say that my favorite conversation was when Cassie's mentor brought to light the use of slut shaming and how judgmental and hurtful that type of mentality is to women in general. Not to mention... why is it okay for a man to explore his sexual desires but not a woman. I'm not sure why but this particular conversation really stuck with me. Secret represents the modern woman. Strong, confident and very in tune with her own sexuality. This is appealing and refreshing especially with the high volume of submissive female characters that we keep seeing lately. It's nice to see women take the side of control for a change!
The ending surprised me... and kind of disappointed me because I felt it was time for Cassie's journey to finally come to an end. We are left with yet another cliffhanger. But, I'm definitely invested in this series and the characters so... will I be picking up the next book??? Yep!

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