Entry-Level Mistress by Sabrina Darby

First, I wanna say that I wish this book had a different title. From my perspective it’s a bit misleading to the story and may turn some off before reading.

It’s about two people whose fathers were in business together as partners. The partners had a terrible falling out that included a lot of family drama. Entry Level Mistress is the story of their children years later.

Thirteen years separates Daniel Hartman and Emily Anderson.  Young Emily has a crazy plan to work for Daniel’s company. She wants to get the inside scoop and bring him to his knees. The only problem is that she is an art major and has no idea how to go about this. She gets an entry level job and whatdya know. She runs into the man himself. Sparks, looks, and sexual tension ensue.

It turns into a love story, with neither person discussing nor bringing up the past. They’re just living for the moment, but like so many books with this type of story line, they can’t live happily ever after. The past ALWAYS comes back to haunt you.

It was a fun, quick, and satisfying read. A little predictable, but pleasurable none the less.

3.5 Stars

*Given via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

Daniel Hartmann and Emily Anderson have every reason to hate each other. Her father destroyed the lives of his parents and he in turn sent her father to jail. Now Daniel’s a successful billionaire and artsy Emily is his newest employee. Both of them intend to make the other pay for the sins of the past, but revenge has never been so sweet.

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