The Returned by Jason Mott

Release day August 27th!!
5 heart warming stars*****
First of all... I was very moved by the author's acknowledgements at the end of the book and his explanation of how he became inspired to write this story. I could relate to his story on a personal level because I had a similar experience after my father died. And, perhaps that is why I was so moved by this book in general... it tapped into emotions that I had not felt in a long while. I encourage you to take a minute to read it...
This is not a story about zombies... or the end of the world... so if you're looking for the apocalypse you will not find it in this book! This is a story about second chances, faith, forgiveness, acceptance and letting go.
What if we had a second chance to be with those we have loved and lost? How would we react if they were suddenly standing in front of us? And, how would humanity react if suddenly this were happening all over the world?
Most of the story takes place in the small town of Arcadia where we follow the journey of an old couple who are suddenly reunited with their returned son John. John drowned when he was 8 yrs. old back in 1966. The couple struggles with coming to terms with what he actually is and why he has returned.
As the world begins to fill up with more and more of the returned there is panic, fear and chaos. Everyone is trying to understand why and how this is happening and the world is getting very crowded. The returned are being killed, arrested and finally rounded up and sent to camps until governments can decide what to do with them.
The best way for me to describe this story without giving too much away is to just say that humanity had to just let the miracle happen and allow it to serve it's purpose. When the returned were finally allowed to fulfill their purpose then it became clear as to why they were there. So, for me it was more of a story of faith. Miracles can't always be explained or understood. We just have to accept them for the gifts and message they provide.
I do think this book will mean more to those who have lost someone very close to them. Those of us who have know that we would give anything for just one more day... one more chance... to remember.
There were many moments throughout this story that touched my heart and brought me to tears. This is definitely a book for those who love to have their emotions tugged on. I love a book that makes me cry and makes me smile and leaves me with a sense of closure that makes me feel good. This book did just that...
This was a hard review to write because it touched me in ways that are hard to put into words... but simply put...I loved it! So, there you go!

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  1. Thank you for this touching review. I am sold...