Blood of the Lamb by Sam Cabot

More like 3.5 stars...

The first thought that I have about this book is that the cover doesn't seem to fit the story. It gives the impression that this is going to be a kind of creepy/scary book but the story is far from that really. It is a mystery/race against the clock type book that takes you on a kind of a historical journey through the religious buildings of Rome.
My second thought about this book is that it is NOT for everyone. This book will be offensive to devout Christians... more specifically in this book... Catholics... who do not like individuals taking creative liberties with the story of Christ. Just a reader caution... and, of course if you don't like vampire stories.
Having said that... I personally thought this was a very creative and interesting take on the existence of vampires. It felt very realistic in comparison to your typical run of the mill supernatural stories that we read just for fun. These vampires are for the most part interested in living peacefully.
The Noantri (vampires) created a document called the concordat with the church in an effort to create peace between the two races. I won't outline the specifics of the document but will say that there are those on both sides that feel it is best to keep it a secret and then there are those who want it to be publicized. The Concordat was lost and now it is basically a race to find this lost document before it falls into the wrong hands.
I will admit to skimming quite a bit through the section of the book where they are going from point to point looking for the clues to where the document was hidden. For some reason I felt that part of the book dragged on a bit. But, I was quite happy with the story as a whole.
The ending was a surprise... a nice little twist to the story to make you think!

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  1. This book caught my attention...because of the cover. Yes, it's misleading. I am glad I read your revies.
    Mina @ Mina's Bookshelf