The Warlord Wants Forever by Kresley Cole (Immortals After Dark #1)

The Warlord Wants Forever (Immortals After Dark, #1)

Okay, my friend "T" has already read this entire series and she just posted a review on the newest book that was just released titled MacrieveAnd, since this series has been sitting on my to read shelf for a while I decided that it was time to dive on in and get started.  If you've been wanting to read this series feel free to join along with me starting with book one.  My goal is to read at least one book a week in this series until I get caught up...  we'll see how that goes!  These reviews will be a little spoilery...  just FYI... 
Book one is SHORT...  a novella really...  so you can read this in one afternoon fairly easily.   I know from my conversations with "T" that this series gets better with age...  so, bear that in mind with book one. 

Here were my thoughts on the novella:

First of all, I love the Valkyrie... gotta' love a mob of strong, capable women. And, I am basically very intrigued by this vampire world in general. So, for that reason alone I will definitely continue with this series.
There were some episodes in this novella that bothered me, however. I tried to put things in perspective a little because if a girl is going to play dirty then she has to be willing to accept the consequences of those actions, right?? And, Myst did play dirty first in condemning Wroth to five years of agony that only she could undo. So, after five years of physical and mental torture I completely understood Wroth feeling the need to use this newfound ability to control Myst by taking possession of her golden chain and bending her to his will. Unfortunately, where he lost me was when he decided to claim her... knowing that by taking her that would make her belong to him... against her will. The book gives us the impression that she was okay with being beaten in the claiming game. But, his reasons for doing it had nothing to do with what she wanted and it had everything to do with what he wanted for himself. Nope, not a fan of this scenario at all...
I was able to sort of make my peace with it later in the story when he realized he was a a$$. I guess I would have preferred more of a tougher chase between the two of them and her choosing to be with him instead of being forced. But, I guess it's too much work to EARN your woman's love.
The story did wrap up nicely with Wroth sort of redeeming himself and it was so nice of him to be okay with her claiming back her free will. (insert sarcasm)
Apparently I'm not as forgiving as Myst... he's got some work to do to earn my love...
The novella earned an average of 3 stars from me...  not AMAZING but good enough to peak my interest to keep going.

Not a bad start... moving forward now to A Hunger Like No Other.

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