Guilty as Sin by Jami Alden

Guilty as Sin

3 stars***
This book had a bit of an identity crisis... that's the best way for me to describe how it made me feel. It wanted to be erotica... it also wanted to be thriller and mystery... and the attempt to make them both did not work for me at all.
Was the erotica written well? Yes! Was the mystery/thriller written well? Yes! Did they belong together? No!
Here is where this book went wrong... I couldn't enjoy the erotica because the tragic circumstances surrounding this romance did not work well together. Mainly because Kate was supposed to be investigating the kidnap/disappearance of a young girl. It was very "wrong" for Kate and Tommy to be thinking erotic thoughts about each other CONSTANTLY when they were in the middle of an intense and time sensitive investigation. And, it definitely didn't work for them to stop and have sex. I kept thinking that if I were in the middle of something that important sex would not be on the forefront of my mind. And, considering they were both adults... this type of behavior just didn't seem to fit. I'm not the kind of reader who can successfully change back and forth from erotica to images of a young girl being terrorized. I couldn't enjoy the intimacy when my mind was worried and on the edge about the fate of a young girl being held hostage and being hurt. Nope, couldn't do it. And, if my kid were missing... I would never hire these two... their minds clearly weren't on the job.
I felt that this particular thriller/mystery would have been better paired with a slow moving romance that blossomed as these two worked together on the case. Sex after but not before the case was solved. My way of coping... because I was very interested in the thriller part of the story... was skimming through the sex scenes and inner dialogue.
I decided to settle for a 3 star rating because I did like the mystery/thriller portion of the book... I just wish the romance portion had been handled differently. 
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