After the Ending by L. Fairleigh and L. Pogue

                                                              After The Ending by Lindsey Fairleigh     

I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for a review.
This is a one star rating I'm afraid...

So, this is a story about Zoe and Dani...  they are both separated and traveling with different groups after the world was stricken by a deadly flu virus killing almost everyone.  Those that have survived were all the people who had previously survived the H1N1 virus.  And, apparently this somehow has caused many people to have developed "special powers".  For example, Zoe can sort of read minds.  What??? 
There is no gas, the phones don't work, no cable, people are looting and the world is falling apart...  BUT apparently there is Wifi everywhere they go...  even in a cabin out in the middle of nowhere there is Wifi!!!  Seriously...  Dani and Zoe are communicating by email as they travel... this makes no sense whatsoever.  But, it never occurs to them to try to communicate with their missing loved ones...  No...  instead it's much more important to exchange daily drama updates of all the hot guys and skanky ho-ho's that are in their present company. 
Everything that we read about what is happening to Dani and Zoe gets repeated when they are exchanging their emails so you're actually reading the same stuff twice which makes the book move very slow.
Dani and her boyfriend were sick together...  he died...  she didn't.  Apparently they were desperately in love but within one week she's got the hots for another guy and is thinking about getting laid.  Don't most people grieve when the love of their life dies?? 
A good majority of the characters in this book seem to be more concerned with getting laid and hooking up instead of thinking about how they're going to survive the end of the world. I seriously banged my head on my kindle in frustration at the sheer immaturity of these characters.  
Here is one line that had me rolling:

"Cece held the knife up like a surgeon." 
Yes, Cece was about to stab Dani while she was sleeping... like a surgeon???  Do surgeons do that???  I hope not... 

Anyway, this is supposed to be an adult apocalyptic story but it felt like a High School Apocalyptic soap opera.  It's not well written and too many events that take place are not explained at all or just don't make sense.  So, it goes without saying that I would recommend passing on this one. 


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