Highlander Most Wanted by Maya Banks (Montgomery and Armstrongs #2)

                                                            Highlander Most Wanted (The Montgomerys and Armstrongs, #2)

“I strongly believe that love is the answer and that it can mend even the deepest unseen wounds. Love can heal, love can console, love can strengthen, and yes, love can make change.” 

 ~~  This is one of my favorite quotes by Somaly Mam and it is one that came to surface for me while reading this second installment of M. Banks Montgomery and Armstrong series.  Such a great story to bring to light the power of love and how it can heal and change even the most impossible wounds.   Book one touched my heartstrings and they were touched once again in this second installment of this series.  Genevieve had to endure horrific circumstances but she held on to hope and embraced love even when she felt unworthy of it.  And, what a champion Bowen was for her.  I have to give Maya Banks some due credit here for having a talent for creating characters that touch at your soul.  Her dark characters are exactly that...  dark...  and they stir up a level of distaste that makes you cringe.  But the heroes and heroines so far in each of these books are such strong and easy to respect characters.  I love that they have flaws, that they have had to endure incredible hardships but somehow find a way to use these flaws and hardships to actually strengthen their resolve.   Book two was a bit darker for me than book one. The fact that Genevieve was held captive, treated like an animal, abused, raped and humiliated by Ian stirred up some difficult emotions for me. It was very hard to stomach the treatment of Genevieve by Ian... and the rest of his clan didn't fair any better than him.  Bear in mind that none of this is described in detail but rather referenced too through conversations with Bowen as he was trying to find out more about her. Just FYI for anyone who is sensitive to such topics. But, the ending brought everything together in a way that put my mind to rest.  I am a sucker for a perfect happy ending.  I like to finish a book with a smile not a scowl...  and this one did just that.  So, another great installment and I will quite happily pick up the next book in this series when it comes out.  This is an easy four star rating...  four because it wasn't AS good as book one but still pretty darn good! 



Just finished this one last night and I must say it wasn't as good as book one. It is a sad beginning and a sweet ending. I just didn't have the same emotions toward Genevieve as I did to Eveline. The same type of ridicule and meanness from the other clan women I found a bit redundant. Also I found myself skim reading the last love scene. It gets an iffy 3 stars from me. 



Yeah...  I have to agree about the mean women in the clan.  That was one part that I just didn't get...  and that occurred in book one as well.  What is driving those mean streaks???  LOL...  But, I did love the ending in this book.  And, I wonder if sometimes authors take into consideration that love scenes do not always need to be lengthy, descriptive affairs.  If it's not needed just leave it out...  if you have a great story then it's all good at the end of the day.  It's okay to leave something for the imagination!  I also agree that Eveline was such a sweet and fierce character in book one...  kind of hard to do better than her.  I'm a bit of a sucker for the whole love heals all wounds thing...  I guess that's why I still loved book two despite that it wasn't as good as book one. 


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