Archangel's Storm (Guild Hunter #5) by Nalini Singh

Archangel's Storm (Guild Hunter, #5)2.5 rating for this one.

I love Nalini Singh and the worlds she creates. This one however I wasn’t overly taken away with. The story of our dark and quiet Jason wasn’t quite what I was expecting. Not that it was bad; maybe I just need a break from the Guild Hunter world. Sometimes reading so many books in a series within a short period of time can be too much. I was really excited for Jason’s story and I just wanted more. I didn’t feel that deep emotion and turmoil I thought I would.  I did like Mahiya and thought her character fit him perfectly.  A ying to his yang. But once again I just wanted more.

The main plot in this installment…… sighs….. I knew who the bad guy was after the second body was discovered. Not good being that it happened early on. I want to be surprised and second guessing along the way. I wasn’t.

What I did like was the continuation of Dimitri and Honor. However that too left me unfulfilled. I thought that after slipping back and forth between the two couples we would be party to the outcome of Dimitri and Honors story. Nope. Why? I love it when a series revisits its cast of characters (i.e. J.R. Wards BDB) but this was just an unquenched tease if ya ask me.

Will I continue on with the Guild Hunters? YES. We will be back to Raphael and Elena! Archangel's Legion will be out October 2013. Given the break between books will make it exciting when it comes out. However, not jumping up and down because of a long wait till the next book is telling.

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